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ALWAYS send a print of the payment to instagram @akerblomclinda or to akerblomclinda@outlook.com

Swish number: 1230178715


Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist

On this page you can buy things for me on Amazon. Choose things I have already entered, enter things yourself or choose something completely different.

Click on the picture and come to mine Amazon Wishlist!
Can't order from the link? No worries, the address is under contact details below.

My Sizes: 
Shoes: Eur 37, Usa 6,5
Tank top etc: Eur 34/XS, Usa 0
BH: Eur 70F, USA 32DDD
Panties: Eur 34/XS, Usa 0
Dress/Skirt: Eur 34/XS, Usa 0
Pants: Eur 34/XS, Usa 0

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Linda Akerblom  Box 13,    242 21 Horby, Sweden

Swish 1230178715


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